SSS86013 (Cheetah Dust Control 2000 UHS Burnisher, 2000 Rpm)

SKU SSS86013


A powerful, ultra high speed burnisher with passive dust control. With its ergonomic, fully adjustable handle, and easy-to-use controls this machine is perfect for any operator.  
The Cheetah DC 2000 is equipped with large wheels, and a folding handle making it easy to transport and store. 
Its powerful 1.5 hp commercial motor delivers productivity and performance with dust control. The tough all-metal construction and non-marking bumpers make this machine durable enough to stand up to any work environment. 

  • 2000 rpm - 19" pad driver
  • Handle mounted release
  • Die-cast aluminum housing and handle assembly
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Handle mounted circuit breaker
  • Large Wheels - Easy to Transport
  • Passive Dust Control
  • Flexible Pad Driver