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Cleaning Supplies
Floor Care
Food Service
CLO 35309 - Clorox® Germicidal Wipes
DIA03986 - Dial® Body & Hair Shampoo
JW3063568 - Johnson Diversey Spitfire SC
PGC 34953 Cascade Auto Dishwasher Detergent
JW 3143429 Triad III Disinfectant
GOJO6299-02 - FAST WIPES Hand-cleaning towels
Cleaning Tools
9006076 Tennant T7 ECH20 Cylindrical Scrubber 28"
9002561 Tennnat T5 Auto Scrubber 28"
9004122 Tennant T5 EC-H20 Auto Scrubber 28"
9002574 Tennant T5 Fast Auto Scrubber 28"
9004007 Tennant T3 EC-H20 Auto Scrubber
9009141 Tennant T1 Electric Cylindrical Scrubber
9003582 Tennant T3 Fast Auto Scrubber
9003536 Tennant Battery Burnisher 20"
98408130 iScrub 20 Auto Scrubber
WI9.840-690.0 Chariot I Scrub 24
GP16560 - Georgia-Pacific Quilted Northern® PS Tissue
Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Supplies
Floor Care
3M07997 - 3M™ Hand-Masker™ 07997 Pre-Taped Plastic Drop Cloth
3M6969 - 3M™ 3939 Tartan™ Duct Tape - 2" x 60 yd
IMP101 - Impact® Super Toilet Bowl Caddie
3M194NA - 3M Scotch® 33+ Super Vinyl Electrical Tape -3/4" x 66'
GP37000 - Georgia-Pacific Acclaim® Mini MorNap® Napkin
RMQ610 - Rubbermaid® Hygen Microfiber Cloth
RMQ620 - Rubbermaid® HYGEN Microfiber Cloth



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KleenMark Facility Supplies provides an extensive inventory of janitorial supplies, equipment, paper products, packaging and safety supplies from top-notch vendors such as Diversey™, Inc., 3M ™, GOJO®, Georgia-Pacific, Rubbermaid®, Triple S®, Tennant®, Nobles®, ProTeam® and Windsor®.

Browse our online catalog or visit our showroom located in Madison, WI. Our staff is available to develop programs that address the challenges associated with cleaning your facility, while also reducing costs.

Contact us for additional information on our product offering or to develop a supplies program that will help meet your business goals.

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Featured Products
ST717 - Stearns® Concept "915" Ice Melt Remover
Removes the white crust of ice melting compound residue. One pack makes 5 gallons. Pleasant sassafras fragrance. Leaves floors sparkling clean; Great for carpets too.
Price: $0.90
JW3063568 - Johnson Diversey Spitfire SC
Eliminates grease, petroleum and food oils. Works on the toughest dirt, grime or stains on a wide variety of surfaces and soils. Lightly scented. Dilution Rate: Ready-To-Use. Leaves no residue.
Price: $60.32
GP89480 - GP enMotion® High Capacity EPA Roll Towel
High capacity, high quality, roll towels for enMotion classic or Impulse 10 automated, electronic roll towel systems. These cost-effective, high-quality, EPA CPG compliant for minimum post consumer waste percent roll towels are specifically designed to be used with our innovative wall mounted enMotion® touch-free dispensers to provide reliable towel dispensing at the wave of a hand. Each high-capacity roll provides up to 800 hand dries for continuous service and reduced service visits. One-at-a-time, touch free dispensing reduces usage and minimizes the risk of cross contamination.
Price: $67.21
GP89420 - Georgia-Pacific enMotion® High Capacity Roll Towel
Specifically engineered to be used with our innovative 59466 enMotion recessed automated towel dispenser.
Price: $107.14