SSS48003 - SSS® Carpet Rinse Plus Rinse and Neutralizer

SKU SSS48003


SSS48003 - Triple S, SSS® Carpet Rinse Plus Rinse and Neutralizer

Softens, conditions and brightens carpet following extraction, bonnet cleaning or shampooing. Mild acid formula neutralizes pH to prevent browning.

Use with SSS PreTreat Plus or SSS Bio-Active Prespray for an effective two-step cleaning system.

The mild acid formula of Carpet Rinse Plus removes alkaline residues from cleaning surfactants and allows the carpet to dry  between 5 and 7 pH.

This conditions the carpet and eliminates browning of the carpet caused by oxidation. Contains the Dupont additive to keep the stain resistance in carpets.

Gal., 4/cs