WVP10 Window Vac

SKU WI16335510


1.633-551.0 WVP 10 Window Vac

The WVP 10 comes with a battery (35 min runtime), battery charger, spray bottle and a microfiber wipe cover.

Easier, Faster, More Convenient

It doesn’t matter whether you use our battery-powered, handheld WVP 10 window and surface vacuum cleaner as a window vacuum cleaner or to clean tiles, mirrors, display cabinets, counters or any other type of smooth surface. The key is you achieve streak-free cleaning results with the lightweight device in every position, even overhead if necessary – what’s more you can get right up to the edges thanks to the manually adjustable holder.


Pioneering flexibility

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, overhead and any other direction you need: our WVP 10 window and surface vacuum cleaner delivers optimum, streak-free cleaning in every position.