HP87712 Special Blend Low Acid (4.5%) Toilet Bowl Cleaner

SKU HP87712


Low acid toilet bowl cleaner designed for daily cleaning toilets, urinals, stainless steel, wash basins, and porcelain areas of lavatories when used as directed.

For toilet bowl and urinal cleaning: Flush toilet and remove as much water as possible by plunging. Apply with a bowl mop and allow to remain on the surface at least 3 minutes until all rust, stains and scales are loosened. Clean upper part of bowl, under the flush rum and down into the trap. Pour 2 oz. into urinals and allow to remain for as long as possible.

To clean wash basins, stainless steel, enameled and plated surfaces: Always dilute with 3 parts water, apply with sponge or mop. Do not allow solution to remain on fixture without immediately rinsing with water.

Even with a low acid toilet bowl cleaner, use only on acid resistance surfaces.