SSS48018 - Bio-Enzymatic Spotter Multi-Enzyme Spotter, Deodorant & Protectant, 1 Qt.

SKU SSS48018


A ready-to-use, multi-enzyme carpet spotter,  and odor eliminator. This unique formula utilizes a broad-spectrum odor counteractant that chemically neutralizes the malodor, and a blend of enzymes that eliminate the odor at the source.  Powerful solvents and detergents penetrate and lift soils for fast and effective cleaning.  Available in both the quart spray bottles or the handy container of 30 wipes. 
Cherry Almond fragrance

1. Remove solids and blot excess liquids with a clean, white absorbent cloth.  
2. Apply spotter.  Do not over wet the carpet.
3. Agitate lightly with SSS Brush/Scraper. Work from the outside the spot to the center.
4. Allow 1 to 3 minutes dwell time.
5. Blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth.  
Use SSS  Brush/Scraper with a tamping action.
6. Rinse well with water and blot dry. For best results, rinse and extract.