SSS48013 - Enz Odor II Concentrated Enzyme Deoderant Cherry Almond Quart

SKU SSS48013


SSS 48013 Enz-Odor II Odor Counteractant & Digester, Cherry Almond 
Combines the effectiveness of enzyme-producing non-pathogenic bacteria, odor-encapsulating counteractants, and powerful fragrances. Neutralizes and eliminates offensive odors, leaving a pleasant lingering fragrance. Use directly on the odor source or as an additive to your carpet cleaning solution. Excellent for drain & grease trap maintenance.

Effective odor counteractants quickly neutralize odors while living bacteria grow, multiply, and produce enzymes to permanently eliminate the odor source. Great for deodorizing carpets and a wide variety of other surfaces, including toilets, trash cans, floor drains, grease traps and more.